Cleaning & Polishing



Before polishing your possessions, we will do a thorough jewelry inspection to diagnose any wear or erosion that is developing. If we find any wear or erosion, we will recommend preventive maintenance that could help you avoid losing a stone, keep a bracelet from falling off, or save a pendant from dropping from a broken chain. During our jewelry inspection, we will tighten any loose stones that are detected. In most cases, our setters will snug them while you wait at no cost.

Polishing Diamond Ring with Tool


Precious metals are soft and can easily shift. We recommend that all regularly worn gemstone jewelry should be cleaned and inspected every six months to insure that the gems will remain in the settings. Frequently worn items mounted with gemstones should be viewed by a qualified jeweler and inspected for wear on prongs and closures in order to avoid the heart break of a lost stone. When worn everyday, well-used jewelry is exposed to coarse, abrasive surfaces. Over a period of time, all precious metal jewelry is prone to erosion and metal fatigue. If we recognize symptoms of wear we will inform you so that you can arrange for the appropriate jewelry repair.